Anyone knows Where To get this hottie ??
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Hip Hop Songs : The Motto Remix - Drake Ft. Lil Wayne, Tyga | Highonhype | Where Hip Hop Meets Fashion and Pop Culture | Hip Hop Meets Fashion

Highonhype | Where Hip Hop Meets Fashion and Pop Culture


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Hey Y'all...

Been busy las couple on months, didn't have a chance to update this crazy as mofo Hip Hop blog ( I wanna call it a site but it has .blogspot on it, F**K ).

So here what I'm planning to do with this Hip Hop Crews. Hip Hop Crews is gonna be all you need when it comes to Hip Hop whether it's about the rappers news, clothing, grills, bling-bling and even latest Hip Hop mixtapes & music and absolutely Hip Hop Honeys gonna be here as well... prepare your pants.

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Hip Hop Songs #37

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I Just Wanna - BZU ft. Rick Ross, Brisco, Haitian Fresh HOT HIP HOP SONG

Where's My Fucking Money - Busta Rhymes SUPA DOPE HIP HOP SONG

Touch My Body - Mariah Carey ft. Juelz Santana

5 Borought is Back - LL Cool J ft. Jim Jones, Method Man, KRS One, Lil Kim

No Air Remix - Chris Brown ft. Jordin Sparks, Willy Northpole BANGIN'

Nightlife - Young Dro ft. Lil Duval


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wAnnA gEt OnE ??? clIck hErE


Geez!! This stunnin' hip hop clothing accessories is an absolute must have item for all hip hop lovers out there. Antique Silver with Swarovski crystals. The Necklace comes in silver n gold. Ya Digg!!!!!


Hip Hop Songs #36

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Blinded - 2 Pistols MAD HOT HIP HOP SONG

My Hood - Capone n Noreaga ( CNN ) ft. The Eclipse

Lollipop Remix - Lil Wayne ft. Young Jeezy DAMN HOT HIP HOP SONG

Energy Rock - Mr. Vegas ft. Mims

Blow The Whistle - Jay Z MAD DOPE HIP HOP SONG

F.Y.T. (Feat. San Quinn) - Tha Dogg Pound